Nepal: #HarryTheHero – Prince Harry’s Work With Team Rubicon In Nepal

As mentioned in a previous post, HRH Prince Harry took such a shine to the people of Nepal, during a recent royal Tour of the country, that he decided to extend his trip in… Continue reading

Nepal: #HarryInNepal – HRH Prince Harry’s Royal Tour of Nepal

HRH Prince Harry recently returned to the UK from his unexpectedly extensive Royal visit to Nepal, making it the perfect time to reminisce on his tour of the Himalayan region. The main purpose of the visit was to represent… Continue reading

London: A Reception at The Nepalese Embassy

The Everest Inn Group – in association with the Nepalese Embassy in London – organised a reception in honour of 43 members of the Lewisham North Scouts who are visiting Nepal next month.… Continue reading

Nepal: NB Gurung Art

In November 2015 I visited watercolour artist, NB Gurung, in his native Nepal to make a short film about his life as an artist in one of the world’s poorest countries. Despite NB living in… Continue reading

Nepal: Himalayan Highs From Pokhara

Nepal is renowned the world over for its magnificent trekking, a place where you can lose yourself in amongst nature at its finest at dizzying altitudes. Given the right time of year, a good… Continue reading

Nepal: CNN Hero of the Year – Maggie Doyne

Maggie Doyne, a 28-year-old woman from New Jersey, America, was last night named the 2015 CNN Hero of the Year at a star-studded awards ceremony in New York. 10 years ago Maggie finished… Continue reading

London & Nepal: Return to Nepal Documentary

Return to Nepal is a web based documentary promoting tourism in Nepal to help rebuild the lives of thousands of people CONTRIBUTE TODAY The Background We have all seen images of the devastation of… Continue reading

London: The Zee London Mela Continues to be a Creative Triumph

On Sunday 6th September the thirteenth annual Zee London Mela took place in a sun-drenched Gunnersbury Park under blue skies in Acton West, London. The Festival was a resounding success with standout performances from… Continue reading

London: A Royal Turnout for the Gurkhas

For the past 200 years, Gurkhas have served with British forces in every major conflict, most notably in the two World Wars where they suffered over 40,000 casualties, gaining repute for their courage… Continue reading

Nepal: Is It Time to Revive Nepal’s Tourism Industry?

Last week I posted a Tweet from my personal account asking ‘is Nepal safe to visit?’ in light of last months earthquake. The response was a mixed bag to say the least! Asides the fact that it… Continue reading

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